our story

A small brigade of people with a shared passion for all
things food, together with a love of coffee got hungry.
This is their story…

ethos was born, from our youthful and humble beginnings growing up in our Greek and Italian delicatessens, cafeterias and pizzaria’s, we have fond memories of happy people, enjoying great food, coffee, and how it bought small communities together.

We decided we were terrible at some things but fantasticas chefs and baristas.

So from the cool and vibrant surroundings of this amazing atrium in Montgomery street, Kogarah, to the rest of the great city, the friendly team at Ethos is always tracking down great produce to create great tasting food and amazing coffee and make you apart of our wonderful cafe community.

All the work has been done, so come on in and treat your mind, body and soul.

“we’re terrible
at some things
but fantastic
as chefs and